New Year, New Designs & Stories

It's January...the wind is blowing and we've had -30 degrees, thawing, fog, snow and rain.  Not much in terms of being inspired to go outdoors, but at least it gives us an opportunity to think through some new designs and stories for localtees and tshirts in 2018.

Earlier this month we put it out there on Instagram for any ideas for new tshirt designs.  Interestingly we heard from people mentioning more towns or places, rather than townships or county specific stories.  So with that feedback and a few suggestions we have started coming up with some new shirt ideas.

Currently we are going to explore new tshirt stories within Dufferin County and just outside with our neighbours.  It seems as though Simcoe and Wellington Counties are jealous and are looking for some localtees  so their pride can be worn in their neck of the woods...and we love exploring outside of our Dufferin boarders!  Right now we are considering: Caledon....Creemore...Hockley Valley...Hornings Mills...Alliston and Hillsburgh.  We also want to reinvent the Fiddleville shirt to meet today's nickname of, The Burne.  So lots to do.  And we will of course also be creating a limited number of each new design.  We had some people at Christmas looking for our Hwy 10 or Hwy 89 tshirts but those localtees were special edition, limited time only runs.  So if you like it...get it fast before they are gone.

We also want to take a moment and thank everyone for sending in some photos of themselves sporting their local tshirts or what we call localtees.  We have been fortunate enough to see Mulmur in China and Mexico.  Seems as though Mexico is popular with Mulmurites in the winter!  Baja, Zihejuatanejo, and San Miguel!   Dufferin County has even been in the USA and Australia.  Looks like we made a product that loves to travel.  Spread the word people!  Let's continue to put Dufferin County and beyond on the global stage.  We have so much to offer here and the more people that know about us, the better it is for small business and tourism!

So hang tight people..more new and wonderful tshirts to come...from your friends at Dufferin County Goods Co.!