Behind every design is a story...

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Dufferin County Goods Co.

The idea behind The Dufferin County Goods Co. is to showcase the story of Dufferin County.  Every design is based on a piece of our local history.  

With a little humour and a lot of pride, we've made some shirts that bring Dufferin County to life.


Shirts and Hoodies

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The Goods...

We make Local Tees....stories of places, told on a  tshirt.

So take the backroad, the Sideroad and the open roads to discover our small towns and hamlets.  


Hats and Stuff

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The Goods On Us

In the 1850s my Great Grandfather Alexander McFarlane established the family farm just west of Shelburne on Highway 89.  He raised cattle, swine and 7 kids, and also helped build the church in Keldon.  My Grandfather (Earl McFarlane), built his farm on the property beside my Great Grandfather, where my Dad was born and raised.

There is a lot of pride and history that comes from this area. These are our stories. 

We wanted to create something that was uniquely Dufferin County.  It wasn't about a cool design or simply something you thought looked good.  It had to have meaning and it had to be relevant.  That's when we decided every design was a story.

Home is where the heart is.

Dufferin County Proud

Thanks for stopping by and purchasing some stuff! We appreciate your support and interest!  Wear your pride and when you do...take a photo of you in it and sent it to us.   

Its that simple. Don't be shy, be one of those Good People we were talking about.