2019 Our Best Year Yet

So here we are again in Dufferin County…January snow blows, temperatures drop, and new ideas begin to flow. Last year Dufferin County Goods introduced a better quality shirt, introduced hoodies and roadsigns, and expanded outside our borders to Alliston and Creemore. Since most people don’t really care about where the townline is, we have decided again this year to add some new markets…as well as some more custom work.

We were thrilled in 2018 to create a new brand image for Dufferin Farm Tour, The Dufferin Community Foundation, Rock View Farms in Mono Centre, and the super fun chicken shirt for Landman Gardens. On top of that we collaborated on the new Mulmur Township branding.

Already this year we have created a new brand image for a music group in Vancouver called Farmteam. We like to do custom pieces when we can, but really try to stick to the ‘story’ so an image has meaning and is relevant. You don’t create something that is ‘cool’ or design something without insights and thinking, otherwise it doesn’t connect with the audience. It falls flat, doesn’t resonate and becomes part of the ‘clutter’. And when the average person sees over 3,500 logos a day, you need to stand out and be memorable.

In 2019 we are doing research on a few new local markets, perhaps Beeton, Tottenham, Dundalk or Caledon. the deciding factor on which creations we move forward with…will be you. If you already follow us on social media…great! If not, check out our Instagram or Facebook to see our latest designs. Here we will be posting our ideas and seeing which ones people gravitate to. We already have one in the works that might be a winner for those of us that live north of the GTA….because we are the further north ;)

So sit tight, follow us and find out what’s new, and a big thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past few years. We are growing…one shirt and one design at a time.