Fighting For What Matters. Food, Water & The People of Melancthon

When it comes to communities, there are few like Melancthon.  Recently I redesigned the Melancthon localtee because I was reminded of how powerful a group of people can be.

Stopping a quarry can be done.  Was done.  It was a mammoth task to raise money and raise awareness.  It took a lot of time and a lot of people, but not just average people...extraordinary people, the people of Dufferin County.

It all began with a public meeting held in January 2009 to raise the alarm about Highland's intentions that led to the birth of NDACT.  Then came Foodstock in 2011 and Soupstock in 2012 solidifying the importance of food, the land and water.  Signs proclaiming Food & Water First, popped up all over and in neighbourhoods in Toronto.  It brought people together and created a sense of pride and community.

Originally the first design we had for Melancthon reflected the silhouettes of the wind turbines that dot the landscape.  Sure its what you see when you drive along Hwy 10 , but it isn't what you feel when it comes to thinking about what Melancthon stands for.  I've learned that people identify with emotions and meaningful events, not static, steel structures on the horizon.  Since 1863 nothing has been more important in Melancthon's history than the naturally we had to develop a new design and concept.

The pitchfork in the centre of the image is a nod or wink to our farming heritage.  Crossed with a modern spoon these two elements symbolize the fight and call to action for what's important.  It's simple and powerful, just like the campaign and groups of people who stood up to face the challenge.  

Of all the localtees we've created this one is quickly becoming a favourite...not so much for the design itself, but more for the story it represents.  A big thank-you to all those who were apart of NDACT and continue to fight for what matters the most.  It all comes down to people.  Extraordinary people.