Deer Mulmur

Deer Mulmur (Dear, Mulmur),

We love you.  Did you know the Mulmur shirt was our first design ever? It was the reason we decided to create more and started exploring the idea for a shirt for each township in Dufferin.  At first finding the idea or story for each community was a challenge.  Some were easy, some were difficult...and yes, we are still working on East Garafraxa!  When it came to designing the Mulmur shirt, we just knew it had to be something about the deer.

Someone...whoever you are, wherever you make me laugh.  I appreciate your Christmas spirit and effort you took to "red nose" every deer crossing sign in the township.  When I first pointed this out to people they never noticed it, now they are in search wherever they go to ensure the nose is on the sign.

Where we live in Mulmur we have many deer.  Sometimes in the winter the herd yard up to somewhere between 40 and 60 creatures.  They love the protection of the pines and cedars during a winter storm.  In the summer they eat their way across the field and enjoy what I call "the buffet".  Their hide is grey in the winter and red in the summer.  The first design was simple...a deer silhouette just like the road sign.

We decided to create the Mulmur design on a green shirt as a 'wink' to early settlers.  Most of them were from Ireland and had the dreadful job of clearing the land.  I am sure many a deer fed the Irish Settlers in the cold winter months.  

Since Mulmur has some of the prettiest agricultural land in the county the deer "style" was a nod for farming...John Deere, that is.  Some people think the shirt design is an exact replica to John Deere logo but it wasn't done intentionally, it just seems to be that way in the end.  It really started with the deer crossing signs and acknowledgment of the many bucks and does that make Mulmur their home.

Since this was our first design and the first shirt we ever made, we have an affinity to it.  It was actually made as a gift for a friend....and sparked the whole idea for the company.  My husband still wears the original prototype, the green is a little dark... and the print a little faded.  

I think we will be working on a new Mulmur design in the future, so if you've got one of the originals...its a keep sake for sure.  It represents the start of our little initiative that is now known as Dufferin County Goods Co., and is at the heart of our social media campaign "lovewhereyoulive....because we really, really do.

If you've got some ideas for new shirt designs or have a story...share it with us.  We'd love to hear from you.  You never know, it could make its way onto to shirt design.