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It all started when...

In the 1880s my Great Grandfather Alexander McFarlane established the family farm just west of Shelburne on Highway 89.  He raised cattle, swine and 7 kids, and also helped build the church in Keldon.  My Grandfather (Earl McFarlane), built his farm on the property beside my Great Grandfather, where my Dad was born and raised.  This photo shows my Grandfather in 1917 at a one-room schoolhouse in Jessopville.  He is in the top row, last guy on the right with dark hair.  My great Uncle and Aunt are also in the picture (his brother is the blond boy standing almost in front of him and his sister in the middle with ribbons in her hair).

There is a lot of pride and history that comes from this area and it can be found in the many stories of each community or four-corners. These stories define us and help shape our sense of humour.  

The idea behind Dufferin County Goods is simple, Good things made by Good People.