Last To Go Dry

Last To Go Dry


Exclusively made for Grand Spirits Distillery.  The small town of Grand Valley was the last to go dry during prohibition, but somehow even during the dry years you could always find a drink.  Restoring craftsmanship...please email us for details.

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Ontario entered prohibition during 1916 and for a period of 11 years the province was dry.  Township after township drained their inventory as legislation dictated.  Grand Valley however did everything in its power maintain the ability to distill legal spirits and became a very popular destination to get a drink.  Grand Valley is known as the last place to get a legal drink and hence known as the "last-to-go dry".

Hidden somewhere in Grand Valley you will find the Grand Spirits Distillery.  The only distillery and restaurant of its kind in Ontario.  This little gem restores craftsmanship, country charm, and history all found within the schoolhouse built in 1892.