How It All Began...

I have been working hard at getting my first business up and running, Local Tees Canada.  I love to make tshirts to commemorate events or tell stories, so whilst this was working well, I still wanted more.  

I had more ideas and didn't just want to pigeon hole myself as a tshirt company.  What if there were other items down the line?  What if I got crazy and wanted to do fridge magnets and dog bowls?  Local Tees was a great idea to begin with and really is the foundation for The Dufferin County Goods Co., but it didn't allow for future growth.  

I see Dufferin County Goods Co, growing into an actual location, something like a General Store or Mercantile or Emporium.  This may be years away from a reality, but it is a dream...a rustic, turn-of-the-centry, off-the-beaten-path gem.  Where exactly will it be?  Maybe you'll have to stick around and find out...if you like what you see, like us on Facebook and become part of our community on Instagram.  The only way we will get there is if we share!  

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